Thinking about Joining?

Whats on your mind?

"I want to learn traditional but realistic combat oriented martial art"
"I want to learn self defense of the mind, body and spirit"
"I want to be a ninja!"

Genbukan Canada welcomes you to join our family.

Follow these steps

Find a dojo nearest your location (If unsure, choose Troy Wideman (Canadian Representive) of the Mugen Dojo).
Fill out the Genbukan and/or KJJR membership form(s).
Fill out a training waiver form.
Prepare for an experience you won't forget.

You must first be accepted by an authorized instructor and it is at the instructor's discretion to accept a new student's application.


Genbukan Application form (PDF)
KJJR Application form (PDF)
Genbukan System & Rules (PDF)
Genbukan Training Waiver form (PDF)