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Kongo Dojo

1711 Chaplin #5
Box 984
Crofton, BC
V0R 1R0

Davis Owen

Davis Owen has been training martial arts under the direct guidance of Renshi Sean Muncaster for 16 years. In 2010 Davis had the privilege to be invited by his teacher to accompany him to Japan to train in the Hombu Dojo under Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura.

Davis Owen lives and works on Vancouver Island. He believes that martial arts is essential for all people to have exposure to and that through a discipline, like the Genbukan provides, we can all become better human beings and bring it to the world around us. In 2011 Davis Owen received permission from Renshi Sean Muncaster to open a school on Vancouver Island and has been working to bring Genbukan teachings to the Vancouver Island area.

Davis Owen's aspirations for the future are to continue training hard under the direction of his teacher, Renshi Sean Muncaster, and moving forward in the Genbukan.


Genbukan Ninpo 3rd Dan
Kokusai Jujutsu 2nd Dan

Other Ranks and Certificates;
(not given)


Classes are held at 1711 Chaplin #5, Crofton, BC

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