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Daigo Dojo

Deer Run Community Association
2223 - 146 Ave., SE
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
(403) 816-3474

Alan Scofield

Alan Scofield was graciously granted the privilege of becoming a Dojo Cho in 2003 by Kyoshi Wideman. Grandmaster Tsunehisa Tanemura shortly afterward renamed the school Genbukan Daigo Dojo meaning Great Enlightenment. This was a great honor.
The Genbukan Daigo Dojo has been involved in numerous fund raising activities as well as teaching free basic self defence courses to women’s groups, community groups, and disabled persons.
Alan continues to study Ninpo, Jujutsu, Bikenjutsu, Bojutsu, and various ryu ha as well as meditation, reiki, and yoga.
“Being involved in the GWNBF has opened my eyes to many things and the Dojo is a place where people of all ages and skill levels can come to, to learn true self defence and train with spirit yet always with compassion, honesty, and generosity.”


GWNBF San Dan Ninpo
KJJR Shodan Jujutsu
GWNBF Koto Ryu Shoden Menkyo
GWNBF Tenshin Hyoho Kukishin Ryu Shoden Menkyo


Youth classes: Monday and Wednesday 7 pm – 8 pm and Saturday 10 am until Noon
Adult classes: Monday and Wednesday 7 pm – 9 pm and Saturday 10 am – Noon

Classes are held at the DRCA 2223 – 146 Ave SE Calgary, AB

Potential students by appointment only – no drop ins

Private classes, and distance learning are also available

T: 403.816.3474
E: calgaryninja@shaw.ca

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